We’re on a mission to empower pet parents to give their dogs the nutrients they need to
thrive with naturally nutritious treats that are both eco-friendly and 100% cruelty-free.

Beyond our commitment to providing superior-quality, all-natural treats packed with rich
flavor, we advocate for transformation within the food production value chain. We believe
that it is possible, and in fact essential, to minimize animal suffering and treat all animals
with humanity while maintaining a robust, profitable industry.

Inspired by our own four-legged bestie, Fattie, Fattie’s Delights is dedicated to meticulously
overseeing each step of the production process, raising our own Black and Red Angus
breeds on our farm where they’re well-fed and given ample space to roam. This serves to
ensure that we uphold sustainable farming methods, while remaining uncompromising on
the quality of our products.

Sharing your life with a dog is one of life’s greatest pleasures and, ultimately, it’s our vision
to give you as much quality time with your best friend as possible.

Whether you’re a young family with a new addition, an adventurer with an equally active
hiking buddy, or a first-time pet parent simply trying to figure things out, we intend for our
range to be used in support of positive training techniques, for quick energy boosts, and
delicious treats simply because your doggie deserves it.

Treat by nutritious treat, we envision Fatties ’Delights contributing to the creation of a more
conscious, cruelty-free industry that empowers you to spend less time worrying about origins
and ingredients, and more time playing, cuddling, and enjoying life with your loyal

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